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Planetary Centrifugal- Bladeless Mixer

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No Matters – Viscosity Range


  • Top quality of mixing can be obtained in very short time with proper deaeration.
  • Uniform Dispersion of Particles during Mixing
  • Air Bubbles can also be eliminated during the mixing procedure at sub-micron level
  • Nanoparticles can also be dispersed uniformly without aggregation of particles.
  • Mixer has no any Propeller / Blades
  • Any viscous material can be mixed
  • We can mix the minimum quantity of around 20 grm using different type of Adapter
  • 10 Memories for easy use


Revolution: In this motion a very effective and powerful acceleration is generated which is responsible for the deaeration . It eliminated the Air bubbles from high/low viscous materials without fail. It is a clockwise motion.

Rotation: This motion a very effective andpowerful acceleration is generated which is responsible for the uniform mixing. Dispersion of particles take place uniformly in high/low viscous materials. It is a anti-clockwise motion. Container is placed at 45 degree angle for better result.

  • The revolution and rotation fluctuation driven to realize a uniform mixing of the base material while ensuring no stratification, no precipitation.
  • The use of unique centrifugal force, material is uniformly dispersed mixture while removing internal submicron bubbles.
  • No propeller structure or design which save cleaning time and wastage of materials.
  • Operation: Just up and down the operation panel, the left and right keys, you can easily run setting.
  • High-speed processing: only several seconds - several minutes, it can correspond to a variety of low viscosity material to a high viscosity with deaeration.
  • Cup holder Angle: rotation using cup holders tilt structure to address the shortage of material.

Various HDPE Containers